From all media I work with, in my videos I show the most intense search for connections between the living and the environment. I look for abilities of relation that does not only include other living beings but integrates also the air, the water or the soil. All my videos are also freely accessible on Youtube . In the context of exhibitions I show the videos mostly embedded in installations.

The Encounter, 2021, 13 min

The Encounter is a story about the difference between hunger and greed entirely told by two feet. The designs of the feet “costumes” are inspired by the book “Artforms of Nature” from Ernst Haeckel (published 1904). Both the video and the book celebrate the surprising beauty and extravagance of nature, even on a microscopic scale like the one in which the video takes place.

Singing with the Birds, 2020, 17 min

The video tells the story of a quest: learning to sing with the birds. Will this lost ability be rediscovered? The heroine sets out to explore the air and the wind, which carry the songs of the birds…

The Art of Tree Walking, 2020, 20 min

The Art of Tree Walking was created in the time of the first threat of the Corona Virus. Moving around the globe was limited. Also my journey to Italy was postponed. During the time in which I understood that limitation, I had the idea for an “unauthorised travel”.

How beautiful it is to satisfy the longing with imagination! The movie was shot in the close area of my apartment in Berlin. Luckily it was allowed to go to the forest! The sound recording of the birds, the voice and the wind were created by Antony Hequet in Italy. In the movie the separated encounter.

Zeichen (Sign), 2019, 12 min

In the Video “Zeichen” (Sign) I look for simplicity and reduction. But what is simple? I did a search on that and what is left when you reduce.

Do Flowers have Culture, 2019, 3.33 min

Sound Obsession, Antony Hequet

Wurzeln (Roots), 2019, 3 min

I this video I imagine how different it would be if all things and animals would have roots.

Absence, 2016, 11 min

The video Absence shows steps of ritual like actions that are connected with the absence of my father after his death.

Kehren, 2015, 18 min

During my residency time in Busan, Korea, I developed the video Kehren. It takes place under a highway bridge very close to where I had to live. I confronted myself with that space that had a strong impact on me and invented a story of what was before the bridge was built. I combines elements of german folk tradition with korean belief of spirits in a contemporary setting.

The german title Kehren has different meanings. 1) to clean and sweep 2) to change direction 3) as a reflexive verb to care. Its origin is the westgermanic word karjan.

Sculpture Scenery, 2015, 7 min

Sculpture Scenery is a movie with and around some of my sculptures. By moving closely to them or seeing them in space and light we get a better impression of them than in a photo. As movements around one sculpture follows another in time the video speaks a strange language of inside imagination and outside expression. The sound was created by Mansour Hosseini exclusively for the video.

Anislandisanisland, 2000, New York, 11 min, Animation