To work diplomatic becomes more and more important for me. The “Special Envoy for Inter-being Relations” represents this activity. In this video Philomene Sänger introduces herself and her work.

Introduction of the Special Envoy for inter-being Relations, video, 5 min, 2022
Piano: Antony Hequet

The Story of Big Stone, episode 1, 3:52 min,
2022, sound: Antony Hequet

In this first episode the Special Envoy for inter-being Relations gets a surprising call from a stone. She researches about erratic boulder in the sandy area of Berlin, where this kind of stone is the only rock existing. But which one exactly called her? Finally she finds him located in an unexpected place and starts a dialogue. Her task is to listen deeply.

Earthen, 2. episode, 17 min, 2022

In her second mission Philomene gets a call while sitting at her breakfast table. The call comes from the beings living in Her Holiness SOIL. She starts a research about the relations between the beings living above the soil and in the soil. Until she finally understands how to establish her own relation with the soil. A dangerous journey begins…

The sounds of the beings living in the soil was recorded in Othmarsingen Forest Soil and Mayens Alpine Meadow. The sounds were liberally provided by Sounding Soil, Marcus Maeder, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK, Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology ICST, 2017-2020. More under:

Philomene and The Clouds, 3. episode,
17 min, 2022

Philomene´s third mission starts out of the blue! Also a Special Envoy has to do book keeping when suddenly Philomene´s screen gets clouded… she understands, that this is a call again! And starts with a research about clouds until she is able to meet them personally… The life of a diplomatic person is full of surprises!

The video is shot in Auvergne.

The Call from Within, 4. episode
20 min, 2023

The 4. mission of the Special Envoy. The need to listen what is going on inside… deep in the wilderness of …our guts!

Moss Trouper, 5. Episode,
18:50 min, 2023

Special Envoy for Inter-being Relations Philomene Sänger is on her 5th mission. While crossing a bridge in her hometown Berlin, she is suddenly thrown to the ground and awakens in a weird looking garden… she explores the strange place and finds something that looks like coming from another time. In her resume about her experience she recaps: “And who knows how reality really works!”