To work diplomatic becomes more and more important for me. The “Goddess of Truth” and the “Ambassador of inter-being Relations” represent this activity.

The Story of Big Stone, episode 1, 2022,
sound: Antony Hequet

In this first episode of “The Story of Big Stone” I introduce my alter-ego. Philomene Sänger is the Ambassador for inter-being Relations and has an encounter with a non-human being. Her task is to listen deeply to a non-verbal conversation.

In episode one of the four parts series, we follow how at night a stone seems to call Philomene. She starts to look for the stone in the area of Berlin. What has a 1400 Million year old stone to say?

The Story of Big Stone, episode 2, 2022,
sound: Antony Hequet

The following two episodes are still in the making! Stay tuned!

Goddess of Truth, 2021,
a story in 21 images
Berlin/Pettorano sul Gizio